dr z amps 2x10 cabinet
dr z amplifiers
& Weight
19 ½" H, 22 ¾" W, 10 ¼" D. 41 lbs
A perfect fit under or next to our 1x12 or 2x10 combos and an excellent match for any of our heads. The Dr Z 2x10 cab is like getting 2 speaker cabs for the price of one. We offer a removable rear panel which enables closed back or open back operation. Standard 12" speaker is the Celestion Vintage 30 (other Celestion speakers available on request, see your dealer). The 2x10 comes standard with our own Z 10" speakers.

Both cabs utilize a classic floating baffle design.
dr z amps 2x10 cabinetdr z amps 2x10 cabinetdr z amps 2x10 cabinet